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Regular inspections of petroleum machinery cannot be ignored

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The working systems of petroleum machinery can be classified according to their different functions. These working systems are usually divided into lifting systems, rotating systems, power systems and other systems. So what are the functions of these working systems in work? The editor will give you a detailed introduction below:
     Petroleum machinery and equipment use oil guns, so regular inspections of petroleum machinery must be done. Tighten the stop screw on the oil pipe to prevent the root of the oil injection pipe from being loose and damaged. Be sure to avoid using the main oil pipe of the oil gun to knock the oil container, press the switch, etc. to affect the improper operation of the oil equipment. This operation may damage the root of the oil injection pipe and cause oil leakage. The rotation system of the petroleum machinery is at the turntable at the wellhead. Through the rotation of the turntable, the drill bit and the drill string can enter the well for operation.
     The lifting system of petroleum machinery includes lifting equipment such as derricks and cranes. The return valve adjustment screw on the pump of the petroleum machinery factory is used to adjust the pressure of the pump, and then adjust the high-pressure oil discharge of the petroleum machinery. Install the crane on the derrick. Hooks and pulleys are also installed on it, so that the pulley can reduce the tension on the steel wire and work smoothly. During use, if the oil discharge volume drops, the adjusting screw can be tightened inward to increase the pressure of the pump and make the oil discharge volume meet the requirements, but not too large to prevent damage to the pump body or excessive noise.
     Petroleum machinery For the cold north, before the severe winter, the high-pressure internal parts of the petroleum machinery should be disassembled and washed, and protected with a protective cover to prevent freezing and cracking of the parts caused by the accumulation of water inside the high-pressure petroleum machinery. The power system of petroleum machinery mainly includes a power machine and a transmission unit. The power machine also includes machines such as electric motors and diesel engines, and the transmission unit contains transmission equipment such as belts and gears. Only the normal operation of each working system and the cooperation between the systems can the oilfield work normally. So pay attention to the regular maintenance of each system.