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The development trend of J55 oil casing coupling

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J55 oil casing coupling has become a special anti-corrosion for petroleum gas pipelines, and more and more J55 oil casing coupling manufacturers have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. They all see the bright prospects of this industry, but they see the harsh quality requirements of this industry.
If the coating thickness of J55 oil casing collar coating is not uniform, it will inevitably cause waste of butcher materials. This is because when the thickness of the thin part of the coating is guaranteed to reach a low standard, the thickness of the thick part will be larger. Is greater than the thickness of the coating standard. Moreover, the uneven coating can easily cause the coating thickness of the thin part of the J55 oil casing coupling to not reach the standard. The main reasons for the uneven thickness during the production process are the unevenness of the material in several places and the bending of the steel pipe. The effective way to control the uneven coating of 3PE anti-corrosion pipeline is to adjust several extrusion dies to make the anti-corrosion coating thickness at several places as uniform as possible, and unqualified steel pipes are not coated on the line.
For the J55 oil casing coupling for petroleum gas pipelines, the tensile strength of the leather, the thickness of the adhesive and epoxy powder, the rust removal grade of the steel pipe surface, etc., each requires excellence! Only the manufacturers with the technical quantity can do everything well!