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Oil screen

Composite oil screen

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The composite screen mainly includes a central base pipe with a number of flow holes, a flow-through inner sheath, sand control filter material, and an overcurrent protective cover into an integral filter unit, a filter sleeve and a support plate; the overcurrent protective cover is set The pipe wall is provided with densely-spaced trough-shaped bridges or bow-shaped bridges, and there are sand filter gaps on both sides of the trough-shaped bridges or bow-shaped bridges.
Product features of composite screen:
1. Strong pressure-bearing ability. With the support of the inner base pipe, the external water filter pipe is locally deformed in time, the gap will not increase, and the sand control performance is more reliable. It is suitable for harsh environment.
2. The outer screen has a uniform gap with a small error of 0.05mm, which can effectively play a role in sand control.
3. Due to other screens, the crevice density of the screen reduces the flow resistance and greatly increases the oil and gas production.
4. The diameter of the pipe is relatively small, which reduces the difficulty of drilling construction.
5. The continuous V-shaped structure reduces the water penetration rate and reduces the pressure on the pipe body and equipment.
6. The base pipe material is API 5CT standard J55, K55, N80, etc., the outer screen pipe is stainless steel 304, other materials can also be used according to customer requirements.
Applicable environment: dry rice deep wells, oil wells, geothermal wells, formations with harsh construction conditions.
Our company supplies various specifications of oil casing, the implementation of the standard API 5CT
Specification: 2-3/8 "~20"
Steel grade: H40, J55, K55, N80, L80 P-10, C90, C95, T95
Special steel grade 13Cr-80, 13Cr-110, super 13 Cr, etc.
Buckle type: STC LTC BTC and various special buckles