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Slotted screen is a kind of mechanical sand control technology that has gradually received great attention from oilfield users on the basis of the continuous development of mechanical processing and mechanical design technology. It effectively avoids the phenomenon of "chaotic wire" of wire-wound screens from affecting the sand control performance of screens. Damaged, with good performance and low price.
       There are two types of slotted liners: laser oil slotted screens and new composite slotted oil slotted sand control screens. The launch and implementation of the national "Eighth Five-Year Plan" key research project "Laser cutting process research of slotted screens for oilfields" of laser slotted screens has made a major breakthrough in the structural design and processing of slotted liners. At present, the laser slitting technology can not only cut simple straight seams, but also process difficult-to-cut seams with high performance such as folded seams, curved seams, and trapezoidal seams. It has completely changed the disadvantages of metal insert method and ceramic blade cutting method such as low slit density, slow processing, labor and time, uneven opening of the slit, and decreased strength at the slit, and better guarantees the accuracy of the slit. The laser oil slotted screen has the advantages of good verticality of slotted edges, smooth cutting edges, no burrs, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. It has good application effects in super heavy oil wells, horizontal wells, and highly deviated wells.
         Petroleum slotted screen is a kind of production process and product in petroleum screen. The main parameters of slotted screen are material, wall thickness, caliber, number of slots, slot size and length of screen. The main machinery and equipment of general slotted screens is laser cutting equipment. The material of the slotted screen is mainly petroleum casing, and petroleum casing is basically used as the raw material for making the slotted screen. So how to choose a good oil casing, the procurement link is the most concerned process of slotted screen manufacturers. Slotted screens are mainly arranged in three forms: parallel seams, cross seams and cross seams. The edge of the slit has good verticality, the cutting edge is smooth, without burrs, and the slit is even. The slotted screen is treated with anti-corrosion treatment as a whole to form a dense protective layer on each surface of the screen, which improves the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the screen, and can effectively extend the life of its downhole work.
1. Structure and product features:
 1. The edge of the slit is good in verticality, the cutting edge is smooth, without burrs, and the slit is even;
2. Large flow area, 2 7/8" screen with 200 slits/m, which is conducive to liquid flow;
3. Its advantages are more obvious when used in deviated wells and horizontal wells;
4. Suitable for sand control of sand production wells with a sand production particle size greater than 0.2 mm;
5. Simple operation, convenient use, large inner diameter, easy to configure the pipe string;
6. Filtration accuracy can be adjusted according to the granularity of sand produced from the formation.
2. Technical parameters
1. Particle size of filter sand: ≥ 0.2mm; 2. Outer diameter: Φ73mm;
3. Inner diameter: Φ62mm; 4. Total length: 4000mm;
5. Connection method: 2 7/8TBG; 6. Seam length: 50mm;
3. Scope of application
This laser slotted screen is suitable for various oil and gas wells, water wells, vertical wells, sidetracking wells, horizontal wells, water wells, steam drive wells, etc. on land and offshore.