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The bridge water filter pipe is a water filter device with bridge-shaped holes. It has long been widely used in developed countries. Engaged in hydrogeological exploration, drilling, well sinking construction, reservoir dewatering, foundation deep excavation and dewatering, geothermal development and utilization, mineral water development and utilization, ground temperature air conditioning, repair of broken wells, water intake from groundwater sources, etc. In the 1980s, the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources began to introduce and promote, and achieved satisfactory results, known as the ideal well filter. Based on the domestic and foreign use experience and the follow-up service survey of our unit in recent years, it is believed that the bridge water filter has the following advantages compared with other types of water filters:
1. The special structure of the bridge-shaped orifice makes it difficult for gravel to block the orifice. According to the test conducted by the German Nord Company, the porosity of the gravel-filled water filter in the traditional water filter should be reduced by 40%, while the bridge-type water filter only decreased by 10%. Therefore, the bridge water filter has a higher water passing capacity. The clean water source without sand can be obtained after the well is cleaned and sanded.
2. The special hole structure of the water filter has the effect of enhancing the mechanical strength of the water filter. Therefore, it has high mechanical strength.
3. According to the needs of users, different anti-corrosion layers are plated (coated), which can increase the service life of the well.
4. The bridge water filter is made of steel plate punched and rolled, so it is light in weight and cheap.
5. A variety of connection methods can be used, so the down tube operation is convenient.
6. The gap of the bridge hole can be changed according to the user's requirements, so that the user can obtain a satisfactory bridge porosity.
7. A bridge water filter of any diameter can be provided according to user requirements, which greatly facilitates users.
    The bridge-type water filter pipe system is made of steel plate punched and rolled, so it is light in weight and low in price. A variety of connection methods are available, so the down tube is easy to operate. The gap between the bridge holes can be changed according to user requirements, so that users can obtain satisfactory bridge porosity. According to user requirements, a bridge water filter of any diameter can be provided, which greatly facilitates users.